Duane Chamberlain

Duane Chamberlain

5th District Yolo County Supervisor

Issues / Accomplishments
I believe my experience on the Board, as a local farmer and businessman will continue to move the County and specifically, the 5th District forward.

I am proud of my more recent work to increase the quality of life for residents in the 5th District. The Esparto Park and Pool project opened this past spring and now the Esparto High School has a swim team. Hundreds of people swam this summer and many more used the basketball courts. I look forward to the day when Little League and organized soccer teams fill the sports park.

I am looking forward to bringing a new park project to the community of Knights Landing. My office has worked closely with community members to plan and apply for state park funding and now we are just waiting to hear from the state.

I have been working with residents in the town of Yolo to build a new, much needed, improved county library in the heart of town.

I want to continue to preserve prime farmland and really, all farmland. I know too well what can happen to a County that paves over agricultural fields for subdivisions.

I want to continue to work with the Sheriff to ensure that rural residents have programs such as the ag task force and resident deputies.

I want to ensure that our roads are safe for all residents and visitors to our beautiful county. I am proud to have worked with Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar Curry to get funding for low water bridge, that will reopen recreational opportunities for our residents, but also provide much needed public safety for firefighters and law enforcement.


I am happy to work on the rural ad hoc fire district committee looking to make sure that our local fire departments are supported by the County.

I have worked hard on these and many, many other issues during my time in office and I look forward to earning your vote to continue to work for the residents of the Fifth District.

Thank you taking the time to learn more about meĀ  and please feel comfortable reaching out to me directly at any time should you have any questions or concerns.


Increased the participation of eligible children in school meals and CalFresh through enhanced partnership between both WJUSD and Esparto Unified School Dustrict and the Health and Human Services Agency.
Provided sandbags to fire districts near Cache Creek (Willow Oak, Capay Valley, Esparto, Madison and Yolo)
Expanded broadband into every home in the town of Knights Landing and increased broadband connection speed at the other rural libraries.
Secured 1.5 million in state funds for flood studies in Knights Landing, Yolo and Clarksburg.
Secured $400,000 in state funds for levee improvements in Knights Landing.
Funded and implemented FloodSAFE Yolo 2.0 to reduce flood risk.
Funded an infrastructure assessment for Madison which led to the development of a water system replacement project.
Constructed a new well in Knights Landing.
Purchased 80 hotspots for rural libraries. This allows residents to access the internet from their home free of charge.
Completed the Tuli Mem Park and Aquatics facility (Esparto Park and Pool Project).
Purchased land adjacent to the Yolo Library for a future parking lot for a new Library.
Awarded 3 million in state funds for maintenance and repair at Huff’s Corner.
Secured 3 million in funding for CR40 Low Water Bridge.
Installed self-service kiosks in Knights Landing and Esaprto for CalFresh assistance.
Obtained grant funding for a potential OHV park in or near Knights Landing.
Secured state funding for major improvements at the Knights Landing Boat Launch (this construction contract will be approved next week).
Established a mattress recycling program.
Developed a farmworker outreach program.
Partnered with Yolo County Office of Education to create an agricultural worker certification program for ag laborers.
Duane Chamberlain